In the beginning.


I learned how to knit when I was 8 years old.  My mother gave me some old white yarn, and taught me the basic stitch.  I knitted on that same piece for a year or more, though it never seemed to gain any length.  It probably started out with about 30 stitches, but since I was learning, did not end with that few.  In fact, I somehow picked up so many stitches that eventually they did not all fit on the needle.  There were so many holes and gaps that I don’t know why I continued to work on it for so long.  Practice, I suppose.

I knit for a few years, working up to some truly heinous scarves in various colors, but all with eyelash yarn.  I don’t know why my mom let me out of the house with them.  What a sight I must have been:  wearing old t-shirts with cats and Pokemon printed on, and “glamourous” scarves that I knit myself.  I’m glad that my family doesn’t take pictures.

Anyway, I stopped knitting when I was around 13.  I went to high school and was very involved in the Robotics program, so I kind of lost any hobbies.

Fast forward:  Junior year of college.  I was living in the dorms as an RA, and was required to hang around the building a lot.  I was browsing the internet for hobbies to pick up when I saw this:  the Purlbee Bandana Cowl.  For some reason, it was the most perfect thing I had ever seen.  Even though I hadn’t touched my needles in years, I decided I HAD to do this.

I had my mom send me our old needles, and she sent me a lovely blue yarn.  And I did it.  I knit it.  I somehow conquered purling and short rows, even though I had never heard of advanced knitting techniques before.  Here I am today, wearing my cowl:

My first real knitting project, completed October 2012.

My first real knitting project, completed October 2012.

And that’s what got me back into knitting.  I love wearing this underneath my favorite fall/spring jacket, which is a navy wool and military style.

I’ll be using this blog to display other projects that I’ve worked on or completed.

Once summer starts, and once I can read for fun again, I’ll also be using it to write book reviews.  I’ll be graduating with a literature degree, but I promise my reviews will be easy to understand and honest!


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