Twitchy Fingers: Katniss Cowl



I’m going to pull some hipster status here, just for a moment:  I was a fan of The Hunger Games soon after it was first published.  One of my friends read it for a book report weeks after it was released, and I was hooked after her presentation.  Also, as I’ll publish later on, Young Adult Dystopian Fiction is kind of my thing.  I wrote my senior thesis for my English degree on it.  It was a really good excuse to read books like The Hunger Games, The Giver, Gathering Blue, Delirium, Divergent, and more.  Maybe I’ll post my thesis on here at some point.

ANYWAY, as a diehard books fan, it took me awhile to see the movie.  For books that I love, I make sure not to watch any trailers, look at promotional pictures, or anything until I see the movie.  I learned my lesson during the lead-up to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  I’m much happier.  This is why I didn’t see this picture of Katniss until after the movie had been out for awhile.  Apparently, while I was busy avoiding spoilers, the knitting world was in a tizzy trying to replicate this unique piece of knitwear.  I, however, was completely blown away by it as I sat in the theatre.  I immediately did a search for some patterns after the movie, and was really surprised that so many people were already replicating it!


The Huntress Cowl by Lollyknits is the first one that I found, and very popular on Ravelry.  There were already over 100 projects when I finally found it!  I admire her for creating it, but there was something about it that I wasn’t really feeling.  It might be because the body part is a little too tight, and I would want something more fluffy.


This looks a little more like what I want.  The District 12 Cowl Pattern by BoPeepBonnets on Etsy.  I have some trepidations, however, because there’s also a picture where it just looks like an infinity scarf. Since the mannequin is armless, I don’t know if this version has the unique under-the-arm construction of the original.


This is probably the one I’ll end up buying when I decide to take on the project.  The Katniss Inspired Huntress Cowl by KYSSA is thick and fluffy, which I like.  I wasn’t really a fan of the ones that are small and fit close to the body.  The herringbone stitch kind of worries me though; my mother made me a scarf out of it and didn’t have a pleasant time.

My fingers are twitching at the thought of owning one of these marvelous pieces.  I’ve never bought a pattern before, as I like being able to see if it is of quality before beginning, so that’s why I’m a little tentative about pursuing that last one.  The first one is free, but not exactly what I want.  I’m not much of a pattern-maker yet (thought I did just design the first draft of a hat!), otherwise I would try to create one myself.

Would you wear one of these?  Do you have a piece in your library that’s making your fingers twitch like mine?


3 thoughts on “Twitchy Fingers: Katniss Cowl

  1. I have the Huntress Cowl in my cue on Ravelry, but I haven’t gotten round to making it yet. This is certainly something that I’d love to make. I know what you mean about buying patterns as well. If I buy a pattern it’s usually in a project that has lots of makes. I recently have purchased a pattern from Ravelry that seems to have a fair few errors which is why I normally look around first.

    1. I really think that designers should have several rounds of test knitters, as well as someone who is competent enough to check for grammar! I hope you can conquer that error-filled pattern!

      1. I think the thing with this one is that it looks like most of the other people who have knit it were the test knitters! But I totally agree! Luckily this isn’t my first ever garment pattern, and that I understand more about it than I used to otherwise I would have been stuck!

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